MNDRMethodology, Naming, and Design Rules (OASIS exchange document)
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The mean change in each MNDR was not significantly different from zero.
j] is the individual MNDR series under investigation, [DELTA] is the first-difference operator; t is a linear time trend, [e.
A shock to any one of these series is permanent, as the MNDR will not return to its long-run mean value over time.
Equation (3) gives an ARMA model of the MNDR in first-differences.
The second task of this paper is to determine if the MNDR can be characterized as a stationary process or a nonstationary process.
The third task of the paper is to determine the time required for the MNDR to revert back to its long-run mean value following a shock.
The appropriate computation and use of the MNDR depends upon the time series behavior of the MNDR.
50] are seldom seen unless mutations include the MNDR position 69 insertion.
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