MNDRMethodology, Naming, and Design Rules (OASIS exchange document)
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As illustrated in Table 2, the prediction results have been verified based on the recent updates in the databases such as lncRNADisease, MNDR v2.0, starBase v2.0, HMDD, miR2Disease, and miRCancer.
In Table 2, "#" and stand for databases of lncRNAdisease and MNDR v2.0, respectively, which consist of known disease-lncRNA associations.
Equation (3) gives an ARMA model of the MNDR in first-differences.
In order to examine the MNDR with time-varying volatility, we estimated the following two equations simultaneously via the method of maximum likelihood.
The second task of this paper is to determine if the MNDR can be characterized as a stationary process or a nonstationary process.
At one extreme is stavudine resistance, in which greater than 2-fold increases in [IC.sub.50] are seldom seen unless mutations include the MNDR position 69 insertion.
Explaining a program on her computer screen in MNDR co-producer Peter Wade's studio, she grins and says, "That's like a really dorky patch ...
Onstage, the set-up echoed the collaborative nature of the music, with Rose Elinor Dougal, MNDR and Alex Greenwald playing various instruments in between vocal duties.
This year we set up the Levi's[R]/FADER Fort NYC at the all-new Ace Hotel, inviting everyone from Atlanta rapper Pill (with cameos by Freddie Gibbs and Donnis), Australia's Midnight Juggernauts, electronics whiz MNDR and lots more to perform.
Mark's new material also saw him collaborate with Boy George as well as rapper Q Tip and Yeah Yeah Yeahs' k e y b o a r d pl a y e r MNDR for his single Bang Bang Bang.