MNDSMulti-Network Design System
MNDSManaged Network Design Summary
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05 FBG: Fasting blood glucose, PPBG: Post-prandial blood glucose, HbA1C: Hemoglobin A1c Table 3: Study of VPT Severity of Clinical Non-clinical grade neuropathy (n=30) neuropathy (n=30) Normal 9 13 Grade I 8 15 Grade II 13 2 VPT: Vibration perception threshold Table 4: Diagnostic accuracy of MNDS scoring compared to VPT Parameters MNDS score Sensitivity (%) 85.
Melo SM, Lolio CA, Lucena MAF, Kirzner CF, Martins SM, Barros MNDS.
5) Requirement to present tax certificate, newer than 6 MNDS.