MNECMass Notification and Emergency Communications (security)
MNECMon National Education Committee
MNECMHI Nuclear Engineering Company, Limited (Japan)
MNECMonash New Enterprise Challenge (Australia)
MNECMongolia Nature and Environment Consortium
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Like KIO school graduates until the resumption of armed conflict in 2011, Tenth Standard MNEC students can sit in government matriculation exams and join the Union's higher education system, should they choose to do so.
In this framing, the NMSP (MNEC) model can be seen as achieving a fairly high degree of local self-determination in education, while retaining strong links to the (hopefully future federal) Union.
Supplier of security and life safety technologies GE Security said on Thursday that its EST3-Sixty Mass Notification/Emergency Communications (MNEC) system has been deployed at Bradley University.
The company's EST3-Sixty MNEC, which is reportedly the world's first MNEC system to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for meeting its UL 2572 Mass Notification Standard, integrates multiple forms of communications including paging systems, fire alarms, electronic signage, e-mail notifications and other forms of communication.
Each March 8th, PWS&D's partner, the Madurai Non-Formal Education Center (MNEC) helps bring together 10,000 women for a 2KM march around Madurai.
J.Helen, coordinator of MNEC's women's programs, believes this is extremely valuable work, as "women's issues are common issues for all."
In order to understand the dynamical behaviour of the MNECS, the bifurcation plots are derived for three cases as follows.
In this section we introduce a novel 4D memristor no equilibrium chaotic system (MNECS) with three parameters derived from the Sundarapandian system [46] by including a fourth state which is a combination of state feedback and the flux controlled memristor [47, 48] as described by