MNFCMultinational Force Commander (US DoD)
MNFCMonday Night Film Club (London, UK)
MNFCMovimiento Negro Francisco Congo (Spanish: Francisco Congo Black Movement; Peru)
MNFCMonday Night Football Club
MNFCMaximum No fire Current
MNFCMonterey Navy Flying Club (Monterey, CA)
MNFCMid Nordic Film Commission
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At the regional level, the MNFC aimed to create workforces that were representative of local demographics.
WOMEN'S EXPERIENCES of diversity management in the MNFC's Saskatchewan operations were uneven.
The MNFC aimed to hire and promote women, yet also required exceptionally long work hours of its upper management, hours that did not allow several of the women interviewed sufficient time for reproductive work in the home.
As managers, many of the women were expected to adopt diversity management as part of the MNFC's corporate identity, so promoting diversity management was beneficial to their careers.
THOUGH THE MNFC's DIVERSITY strategy aimed to change the culture of the company by fostering a climate conducive to hiring and retaining Aboriginal peoples and women, in effect it often helped to re-inscribe racism towards Aboriginal peoples.
(68) Aboriginal education and training for workers was unevenly applied across occupational categories in the MNFC and often emphasized Aboriginal cultural difference and not white racism.
Despite rhetoric supporting diversity, the MNFC imposed western business values on Aboriginal workers and did not address their desire for collective empowerment.
Because the liberal principles of human resource management were not disrupted, when the MNFC did adapt practices in attempts to increase Aboriginal hires, some white women were able to use the company's language of merit and performance to lodge claims of inequality and of an absence of meritocracy.
The business rationale underlying the MNFC'S practices did not allow for challenges to the liberal ideas that maintained inequality.