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MNFIMulti-National Forces Iraq
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But according to an e-mail from the MNFI press desk this week, the task force found and analyzed a total of roughly 4,600 weapons caches during that same period.
The database was compiled by MNFI's Task Force Troy, which was directed to examine all weapons caches found in Iraq beginning in early January 2008 to identify Iranian-made weapons.
First, she volunteered to fill a six-month contingency contracting assignment as chief of MNFI's Baghdad contracting office.
Data used in this study were recorded within presettlement coastal pine forests delineated in a previous publication based on the MNFI maps (Albert et al., 2008b).
General Petraeus, in his April 2008 testimony, called the offensive "poorly planned," and some reports suggest the Maliki move preempted a more deliberate move against the Shiite militias in Basra planned by MNFI. However, as a result of subsequent U.S.
(53) CPA Order 17, Status of the CPA, MNFI, Certain Missions and Personnel in Iraq, June 27, 2004, [section] 4 (Contractors) available at [ _Coalition__Rev__with_Annex_A.pdf] (last visited May 4, 2007).
LCDR David Murree from Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command to CJTF-7/ Multi National Force Iraq (MNFI) Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq, Contracting Officer
military headquarters in Baghdad (Combined Joint Task Force-7, CJTF-7) is a multi-national headquarters "Multinational Force-Iraq, MNFI," now headed by four-star U.S.
CDR Bill Scheiderich, Reservist to MNFI, R and S Watch Officer LT Brian Schorn from Commander Naval Surface Force, Pacific Fleet to JCCI/ A, Chief, Kabul, Afghanistan, Chief, Kabul Regional Contracting Center LCDR Brett Schwartz from NAVAIR to JCC- I, Contracting Officer LCDR Jim Shelton, Reservist to JCC-I/A, Baghdad, Iraq, Deputy Sector Chief, Contracts Administration CDR Steven Sheppard from NAVELSG Staff, Williamsburg, Va., to NAVELSG FWD HQ Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Deputy Group Commander CDR Daniel Smalley, Reservist to U.S.
CDR Robert Martin, Reservist to MNFI, RAS Operations Officer
CDR Derek Takara from Naval Supply Systems Command to Headquarters, MNFI, Deputy Chief, Plans and Policies Resources and Sustainment