MNGCMulti-Nucleated Giant Cells
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1 BC *, shadow cells, KSCf, MNGC * Pilomatrixoma 2 BC, shadow cells, MNGC, calcification Pilomatrixoma 3 BC, KSC, few shadow cells, MNGC Pilomatrixoma 4 Shadow cells, few BC, MNGC, Pilomatrixoma calcification 5 Anucleate squamous cells, KSC, Epidermal few MNGC inclusion cyst 6 Anucleate squamous cells, Epidermal inflammatory cells inclusion cyst 7 MNGC, histiocytes, lymphocytes Granulomatous inflammation 8 BC, amorphous debris ?
The companies have decided to establish a gas carrier operation to improve the marketing of the fleet of 5-12,000 cbm ethylene gas carriers, which is today operated by MNGC.