MNHPMontana Natural Heritage Program (Helena, MT)
MNHPMarine and Natural History Photography (Falmouth University; UK)
MNHPMaine Newborn Hearing Program (est. 2000)
MNHPMasters in Nursing and Healthcare Practice (University of Iowa)
MNHPMono-N-Hexyl Phthalate
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Later, the animal rescuers and the man brought it to Islamabad's MNHP and released it in the forest spreading over 67-sq miles.
2017) y en el MNHP sucede algo similar, con algunos ejemplares de esta nueva especie.
Deseamos agradecer a Alberto Zilli por las facilidades en la visita al NHMUK; a Robert Robbins por la invitacion al USNM; Patrick Blandin, Jerome Barbut y Joel Minet por las facilidades brindadas en la visita al MNHP; Aline Vieira por su ayuda en la visita al CEIOC; al Padre Francisco Pinas por su hospitalidad en la visita a su coleccion; a Pedro Hocking por su constante contribucion en la recolecta de ejemplares en sus viajes por Peru.
Advantages of MNHP with the coatings are evident [1-4], in particular, a longer period of operation: MNHP with the coatings may serve 10-20 times longer than without the coating, depending upon type of the latter, initial, alloy and field of application.
Selection for MNHP of the best type of a coating (a multi- or a single-layer one) is determined by the hard alloy grade and conditions of operation.
Expediency of forming on the MNHP surface of titanium-base oxide layers is shown in [10].
So, purpose of this work is development of new methods for application of complex coatings with addition of titanium, chromium, oxygen and nitrogen on surface of hard VK8 and T15K6 alloys, designated for cutting tools, and investigation of composition, structure, properties and characteristics of MNHP with the coatings.
In order to determine influence of protection coatings on serviceability of MNHP the authors carried out industrial cutting tests of different grades of the steels processed (Table 2).
The latter was calculated as a ratio of stability time of MNHP with the coating to stability time of MNHP without the coatings.
Stability of MNHP with the coatings in cutting processing of steels 20, U8A and 40Kh turns out to be higher than that of the initial alloys 1.4-13.5 times.
(52) It is important to note that nothing in the statute prevents one citizen group from challenging the DEP wetlands permit while another challenges the MNHP permit, and yet another challenges the local zoning board proceedings.
This study would not have been possible without the kind and generous support from the following individuals and their institutions: Graham Milledge and Mike Gray (AM), Bruce Halliday (ANIC), Jennifer Shields (CVIC), David Hirst (SAM), Ken Walker, Peter Lillywhite, and Richard Marchant (MV), Jason Dunlop and Shahin Nawai (ZMB), Christine Rollard (MNHP), Janet Beccaloni (BMNH), Hieronymus Dastych (ZMH), Owen Seeman and Rob Raven (QM), Lisa Boutin (QVMAG), Liz Turner (TMAG), Peter Jager and Julia Altmann (SMF), Mark Harvey and Julianne Waldock (WAM), Kelli-Jo Kovac and Darren Niejalke (Western Mining Corporation), and Reg and Ronny Dodd (Marree Arabana Community).