MNIBMarketing and National Importing Board (Grenada)
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On 19 October 1983, Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, Minister of Health Norris Bain, Minister of Education Jacqueline Creft, Minister of Foreign Affairs Unison Whiteman, trade unionists Fitzroy Bain and Vincent Noel, businessmen Evelyn Bullen and Evelyn Maitland, Production Manager of the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB), Keith Hayling, member of the People's Revolutionary Army, Dorset Peters, and Grenadian civilians, (1) including high school and other students, were killed at Fort Rupert, situated on the hillside near to the hospital in St.
Among the projects are the Garden Group of Companies, Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB) Depot Facility, Grenada Call Centre, the poultry project in St Mark's, and Emerging Technologies Ltd that involved family members of the former Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.
The Agency for Reconstruction and Development (ARD), through its efforts with the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB), on July 14 said that during the first two weeks of July the MNIB made two shipments averaging 2,000 pounds of mangoes per shipment to Canada, using a new passenger and freight service from Network Airlines Services (NAS), operators of Sky Services and Zoom Airlines.