MNISMulti-National Information Sharing
MNISMinneapolis Neighborhood Information System (Minnesota)
MNISMicro and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems (degree)
MNISMid-Nebraska Individual Services Inc. (developmentally disabed)
MNISMedically Needy Income Standard
MNISManning & Napier Information Services, LLC (est. 1995; Amherst, NY)
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Factors affecting the use of disparate HIS, such as MNIS, CDSS, and EPR, are likely to be different; this reality might be limiting to this study.
From that reason the following sites were observed: BARD, BIEL, BOBO, BOGA, BRO1, KAMI, KLOD, KOZO, LUBR, MNIS, PILA, PRZY, RADO, RATN, SLEZ, SOSN, SPAL, STOK, STOO, SZEL, SZYM, WILK, WINN and ZLOT.
The articulation index Ai was calculated as the ratio between the number of all articulated skeletal element specimens and the minimum number of individuals (MNI).
MNIS and NISC scores were summarized by median and inter-quartile ranges.
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has established and funded a multinational information-sharing program that establishes CENTRIXS, Griffin, and CFBLnet as the main capabilities and services for information sharing among coalition partners and "communities of interest." (30) Subsequently USSOUTHCOM has stated that it will expand such MNIS initiatives as Participating Sharing Networks and CENTRIXS to facilitate information sharing and the development of information-sharing agreements utilizing technology in place.
Geering's analysis considered only mandibles and maxillae for Minimum Number of Individual (MNI) calculations for all species, and recorded only post-cranial (excluding phalanges, metatarsals, sternum, vertebrae and ribs) for wallaby and wombat.
Guilliland reported that the MNIS advisory group had been disestablished.
We calculated relative abundance (minimum number alive [MNA]), minimum number known to have antibody to WWAV (MNI), estimated standing prevalences of antibody to WWAV (ESP [MNI/MNA]), and incidence of infection (number of new infections/100 rats/month) for N.
The underlying technology of the Talavara search engine is drawn from MNIS's experience with patent searching.
However, they mistakenly report beluga frequencies of from 2 to 14% of MNIs (minimum number of individual animals represented by the bones), while the actual frequencies are much lower, ranging from 0 to 2% of MNIs (Giddings and Anderson, 1986:318).