MNKAMinimum Number Known Alive
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Using the fine scale resolution resulted in a higher MNKA than the intermediate scale of resolution as not all animals had unique scaring on their pads.
The similarity of the MNKA and the program Capture estimate is in general agreement with other studies suggesting 4.
Behind all those issues for less biased population estimates and development of more robust studies is the detection probability which is not accounted for in MNKA as well as in the other estimates called deterministic like index based on simple count or unit of effort.
Considering the community of small mammals of VVPR, the MNKA had two deviations (between the third and fourth ranking position) and the NI had four deviations.
In the LPMP, the MNKA had four standard deviations in the ranking position (between the first and second, and the fourth and fifth positions).
The correlation matrix among the calculated data for the species of small mammals of VVPR pointed to a highly significant association among CJS, MNKA and NI; among MNKA, TC and CS (p [less than or equal to] 0.
However, both MNKA and NI were not dependent on number of recaptures within each of the sampling periods, rather than TC, CS and CI, which were negative dependent to the capturability factor (Figures 1 and 2).
Mean MNKA showed a Poisson distribution; therefore I used generalized linear models assuming a Poisson error distribution and a log link function for all analyses (McCullagh and Nelder, 1989).
Data from grids and transects were never combined; mean MNKA densities of woodrats for categories of forest that were trapped with different methods were compared (Carey et al.