MNLSMinimum Norm Least Square (physics)
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MMP-9 mRNA expression in MNLs was increased in patients with CAH compared with healthy controls (4300 [+ or -] 2900 vs 460 [+ or -] 130 RNA-equivalents/cell).
In contrast, both TIMP-1 and TIMP-2 expression in MNLs was lower in patients with CAH than in controls (5200 [+ or -] 1500 vs 7100 [+ or -] 1700 RNA-equivalents/cell, P <0.05 for TEMP-1; and 65 [+ or -] 15 vs 150 [+ or -] 16 RNA-equivalents/cell, P <0.01 for TIMP-2).
Significant increases were found for both ratios in MNLs between healthy controls and CAH patients (0.1 [+ or -] 0.16 vs 1.2 [+ or -] 2.1 for MMP-9/TIMP-1; 3.1 [+ or -] 4.7 vs 82 [+ or -] 151 for MMP-9/TIMP-2).
Circulating concentrations of MMPs and TIIVIPs did not correlate with mRNA expression in MNLs and PMLs.
Looking at the cellular origin of the measured MMPs and TIMPs, we found that MMP-2 mRNA was abundant in liver tissue but could not be detected by RT-PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis in white blood cells, neither in MNLs nor in PMLs.
The results obtained from this assessment (PMNL, MNL, damage to the mucosal epithelium, and collagen deposition level) were scored on a scale of 0 to 4 and compared with the median average of the scores.
The median PMNL and MNL infiltration scores were 1 (0-2) and 1 (1-2), respectively, in the early period LC group; 1 (0-2) and 1 (0-2), respectively, in the moderate period LC group; and 1 (0-2) and 1 (1-2), respectively, in the delayed period LC group, with no significant difference among the three groups (p>0.05).
Additionally, the median total score (including PMNL and MNL infiltration, injury to the mucosal epithelium, and fibrosis/collagen deposition) was significantly lower in the early period LC group [4 (2.75-6)] than in the moderate [5 (2.5-8.5)] and late period LC groups [6 (4-8); p=0.036; Figure 2a and 2b; Table 3].
Moreover, patients with biliary injury had significantly higher median MNL infiltration score (p=0.014) and total scores (p=0.017).
However, patients with deep surgical site infection had higher median MNL scores, and the difference was significant (p=0.046).