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MNNMother Nature Network
MNNManhattan Neighborhood Network (Public Access TV)
MNNMohawk Nation News (est. 1990)
MNNMultilayer Neural Network (computer science)
MNNMobile Network Node
MNNMarion, Ohio (Airport Code)
MNNMountain Network News
MNNMinnesota News Network (Milwaukee, MN)
MNNModular Neural Network(s)
MNNMac News Network
MNNMassachusetts Nonprofit Network
MNNMinnesota Northern Railroad, Inc.
MNNMusic News Net (website)
MNNMaintenance Network Node
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Therefore, the Network Mobility Basic Support (NEMO BSP) has been standardized to provide a continuous Internet connectivity of a cluster of Mobile Network Nodes (MNNs) by a MR in a mobile network [5], [6].
It has no extra triangular route between an MNN and the CN.
Para obtener los parametros estructurales, como: la constante de red ([[alfa].sub.0]), el volumen de equilibrio ([V.sub.0]), el modulo de volumen ([B.sub.0]) y la energia de cohesion ([E.sub.0]) de los compuestos binarios TiN, VN, CrN y MnN y de las tres multicapas VN/ TiN, CrN/TiN y MnN/TiN, se calculo la energia de cohesion como una funcion del volumen, los valores calculados se ajustaron a la ecuacion de estado de Murnaghan.
In addition to collaborating with Thompson and the national council's efforts for state associations to network with one another, MNN also collaborates on its own and partners with entities dedicated to various nonprofit subsectors within Massachusetts.
Del analisis de energias de formacion se encontro estable el modelo [A.sub.1] el cual describe una superficie terminada en Mn pero con el nitrogeno de la segunda monocapa migrando hacia la superficie para producir una terminacion en MnN. Con esto, para condiciones ricas en Mn se encontro estable el modelo [A.sub.1] bajo condiciones intermedias de crecimiento el modelo estable es el C y en condiciones ricas en N el modelo favorable es el B [23].
Table 1 presents the mean values ([+ or -]standard deviation) of MNN and HRV parameters (also those normalized with heart rate: SDNN/MNN and rMSSD/MNN) before, during, and after blood pressure measurements.
Aditivos Granulometria Feldespato 0,04-4 mnn Cuarzo 0,044 mnn Carbonato de calcio 40-45 [micron]m Tabla IV.
* Third, the "maximum number of nodes" (mnn) specified the maximum number of nodes allowed for each individual tree in the boosting sequence.
The show starts to air Monday, June 22nd on the MNN Network in Manhattan and then other online distribution channels.
Host mobility support is used to maintain session continuity between Mobile Network Nodes (MNNs) and their Correspondent Nodes (CNs), when MNN's changes its point of attachment.
Hence the emergence ofself-determination groups like the Oodua People's Assembly, theLower Niger Congress (LNC), and the Middle Belt Congress, and theircooperating under the banner of the Movement for a New Nigeria(MNN).