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From 3 h treatment of MNNG, 39 mutants were selected on the basis of morphology and the production of a-amylase (zone diameter).
Enzymes can also be over expressed by mutations with certain mutagens such as gamma and ultra violet (UV) radiation, ethidium bromide and MNNG (N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine) etc.
Extracts of green and black tea leaves decreased the mutagenic activity of MNNG in E.
However, when added to known mutagens such as AF-2 and MNNG, mutagenesis was increased by ginger juice, and the potent mutagen identified in this case was 6-gingerol (Nakamura & Yamamoto, 1982).
improvement of Escherichia coli isolates for better L-lysine production through MNNG treatment.
Enhanced L-lysine production by a Escherichia coli mutant WARN-30522 after MNNG treatment.
producing 82% kill in case of MNNG and 76% kill by ethidium bromide, was found to be the best.
Chemical mutagenesis of Cellulomonas was carried out with ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS) and MNNG as mutagens to obtain a hyper-xylanoytic mutant with 2.
Key: BCM: MNNG treated BCE: Ethidium bromide treated niger BCM-8 and BCE-6 would be potential mutants for the maximum production of glucose oxidase.
Characterization of gene expression changes associated with MNNG, arsenic, or metal mixture treatment in human keratinocytes: application of cDNA microarray technology.
Enhanced L-lysine production by an Escherichia coli mutant WARN 30522 after MNNG treatment.