MNORMean Number of Nucleolar Organizer Regions
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In the right panel of the same figure, the MNOR is shown, as calculated using the N2S2 parameter with the calibration by Perez-Montero and Contini [48].
Tarakani Mnor, Gajarajpur Minor chakul Minor Arakhauda Minor & Rohia minor including all struotures (WUA No 69,72,74,75)
Tenders are invited for Laying under ground pipe line for disposal of surplus water at tail RD 44970 of Faizwah Mnor into Barktwah Disty
Tenders are invited for Spl Repairs To Main Entrance Gate And Existing Garbage Bins At Dca Complex And Certain Revenue Mnor Works Under Age Br South And Age Em South Of Ge South Bangalore
Tenders are invited for Mnor structural repair, external plaster & pamtrg in BkJg.No.36
Consequently, since the war in Syria and the crisis in the Arab countries began, Refugee Mnors were added to foreign Unaccompanied Minors, according to Carreras & Forga (2015).
TABLE A-1 Avail 1987 1987 March '88 Beds Output Minimum DMHMRSAS Total Psych Minors Mnors Serv Age Hospitals Psych Minors #1 n/a n/a 20 28 yes (1) 0 #2 156 156 14 60 no 2 #3 1846 151 16 40 no 7 #4 1874 95 13 25 no 14 #5 1341 97 10 15 no 14 #6 911 7 2 96 no 14 #7 n/a n/a 3 n/a n/a n/a TOTALS 6128 506 78 264 Total Psych Admissions, 1987; Total Psych Admissions of Minors, 1987; Total Psych Admissions of Minors, March, 1988; Beds available to (but not reserved for) minors.
Cross sedons atongthe a gnment and detaied fnd suvey induding preparatcn of desns, dawrgsand Eslmalescf East and South Main Canals and Dtsvtutory Network during Mnors I Sub-rrwiors I Field Channels of K.P.