MNPLMachinists Non-Partisan Political League (est. 1947)
MNPLMaximum Net Productivity Level
MNPLMarlborough Nickel Pty. Ltd. (Gladstone Pacific Nickel Limited subsidiary)
MNPLMaster in Not-for-Profit Leadership (Seattle, WA)
MNPLMichael Nivison Public Library (Cloudcroft, NM)
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The parameter z determines the maximum net production level (MNPL; the population size where growth in numbers is greatest) as a fraction of K and determines the shape of the growth curve of the population (Taylor and DeMaster, 1993).
[a.sub.mat] Age of maturity or age at which a female could first give birth [N.sub.1979] Total population size in 1979 K High density population size (derived from aerial survey results in 1979: Calkins [text footnote 1], Hobbs and Shelden [text footnote 5] [K.sub.1999] High density population after 1999 in models M, N and O z Shape parameter resulting in a maximum rate of population increase at MNPL (c.f.
The lower end of the optimum sustainable population (OSP) range was calculated to vary between 6,500 and 10,500, using an initial stock size of 12,599(95%C.I.10,945-17,431)(IWC, 1995) and the assumption that the maximum net productivity level (MNPL) is 60% of carrying capacity (K).