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Each MN is also assigned sum of the prime numbers of fixed nodes (FNPNS), a prime number (MNPN), and a random number used in generating the authentication key.
These AN (arecoline)-derived N-nitrosamines include MNPN, MNPA, NG, and N-nitrosoguvacine (NGC).
typhimurium YG7108, CYP1A1 was the second most efficient activator of MNPN, after CYP2A6, and MNPA activation was catalyzed to a lesser extent by CYP1A1 [35].
The CYP2A6 P450 enzymes are the primary activators of MNPN. In Asia, the most common variant of CYP2A6 is [CYP2A6.sup.*] 4 (the CYP2A6 deletion).
MNPN is a potent carcinogen which is produced in even higher yields from arecaidine.5,7