MNPSMetro Nashville Public Schools (Nashville, Tennessee)
MNPSMaryland Native Plant Society
MNPSMinimum Navigation Performance Specification
MNPSMaster of Nonprofit Studies (various schools)
MNPSMinnesota Native Plant Society
MNPSMevis Neurosurgery Planning System (stereotactic planning system)
MNPSMalaysian Natural Products Society
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Carrier-mediated drug delivery system based on MNPs has emerged as a powerful methodology for the treatment of various pathologies.
A significant result of this study was the confirmation of the long-term stable retention of AuCN in the MSCs as the particles did not participate in cellular metabolism as with iron oxide MNPs. An increased two-photon intensity could be observed after the MSCs were injected into the tail vein and migrated to the subcutaneously implanted U87MG cells.[117]
The potential of marine natural products (MNP) has captivated many researchers over the last few decades.
Synthesis of MNPs. Magnetite nanoparticles were synthesized by alkaline hydrolysis [42-44] of Fe[Cl.sub.2] x 4 [H.sub.2]O and Fe[Cl.sub.3] x 6 [H.sub.2]O.
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of the MNPs were recorded using a Lambda Scientific FTIR-7600 instrument with KBr pellet technique in the range 400-4000 [cm.sup.-1].
MNPs such as magnetite, hematite, and maghemite, which are mainly obtained by chemical synthesis, are the most frequently investigated nanoparticles for biomedical applications because of their biocompatibility [12].
Introduction of the rare earth elements, such as samarium (III), europium (III), and gadolinium (III) ions, into the structure of MNPs improve their magnetic and optical properties.
The presence of iron oxide MNPs was detected as a decrease in signal intensity when MR imaged using T2-weighted MRI sequences.
The conjugation of a drug to MNPs functionalized with polymer or bioactive macromolecules is a viable method for controlled delivery of a drug to the desired site.
It took months of strategic meetings, visits to academy schools around the country, and lessons learned from pocket academies within MNPS; a $6.75 million federal Smaller Learning Communities grant helped fund the work of educators, business leaders and community partners whose determination was not to be denied.
The event welcomed MNPS fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, mentors and other men to spend a day of family fun including games, activities, music and food at the event.
A more comprehensive model used for aircraft separation calculations along all three vertical, lateral and longitudinal axes is by Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS).