MNPTMean Normal Prothrombin Time
MNPTMale National Pipe Thread
MNPTMale Nominal Pipe Thread (irrigation)
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Results for the MNPT from the STart Max analyser provided a geometric mean of 12.1 seconds.
[1] Nonstandard abbreviations: INR, international normalized ratio; FVII, factor VII; ISI, international sensitivity index; MNPT, mean normal prothrombin time.
For each participant center, we determined local INRs of the 5 validation plasmas using the local ISI ([ISI.sub.local]) and the MNPT of the 7 lyophilized normal plasmas, where
The reader should make certain that the correct ISI value for each reagent and each instrument is used in the INR calculation and that the mean normal PT, or MNPT, has been determined for each model of analyzer and entered correctly.
But this week, another order was implemented by Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team (MNPT) "due to young people causing issues for the community." Police say youths are "gathering in large numbers and causing antisocial behaviour."
The INR is the ratio between the sample PT over the mean normal PT (MNPT) raised to the power of a calculated "international sensitivity index (ISI)" of the TP reagent:
This approach offers the advantage of simple direct conversion of clotting times into INR without the need for a system-specific ISI and mean normal PT (MNPT) (7).
The CoaguChek system consisted of the meter, test strips incorporating thromboplastin, and a code chip containing calibration information relevant to the specific lot of test strips, such as mean normal prothrombin time (MNPT), ISI, lot number, and expiration date.