MNRBMalaysian National Reinsurance Berhad (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
MNRBMoving Neutralization Reaction Boundary (electrolyte)
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MNRB received central bank approval to open negotiations with Allianz on December 17, 2010 on the proposed divestment of its unit to Allianz.
According to Fitch, MRT is of great importance to the MNRB Group (KUL:MNRB).
The agency said it could raise MRT's rating, if its strategic importance to the MNRB Group increases further or if its standalone credit profile improves significantly.
In addition, AM Best anticipates that any potential capital support related to the expansion of MNRB Group's subsidiaries would exert pressure on Malaysian Re's risk-adjusted capitalisation.
30 November 2010 - MARC today maintained its AA-IS rating with a "negative" outlook on MNRB Holdings Berhad's (KUL:MNRB) MYR200m (USD63m/EUR48m) Islamic Medium Term Notes (IMTN).
MNRB is an investment holding company primarily engaged in the general reinsurance sector through core unit Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad, which generates 76% of the group's income and largely determines the holding company's overall credit quality.
The "negative" outlook is based on MNRB's weak cash flow and liquidity as well as high level of double leverage.
EFFICIENCY SCORE DERIVED FROM SFA Company name Efficiency MAY 0.8357 PBK 0.9164 CIMB 0.8812 HLBK 0.8992 RHBBANK 0.8901 HLFG 0.9233 AMM 0.8452 BIMB 0.9279 AHB 0.8706 LPI 0.9145 STMB 0.9379 ALLZ 0.9502 MNRB 0.928 MHBS 0.8784 PO 0.7602 MBS 0.9358 BURSA 0.8618 ACSM 0.9638 INS 0.9367 RCE 0.9226 APX 0.8461 JOH 0.5857 ECML 0.8818 HLG 0.9347 TAE 0.8434 MAA 0.8309 Average 0.8809 Source: Data from historical data of Bloomberg terminal.
EFFICIENCY SCORE DERIVED COMBINATION OF DEA AND SFA Company name Efficiency MAY 0.7693 PBK 0.8709 CIMB 0.8196 HLBK 0.8354 RHBBANK 0.8146 HLFG 0.8791 AMM 0.7822 BIMB 0.8867 AHB 0.8247 LPI 0.9573 STMB 0.9465 ALLZ 0.9683 MNRB 0.9464 MHBS 0.9241 PO 0.8595 MBS 0.9009 BURSA 0.9023 ACSM 0.9819 INS 0.9675 RCE 0.9337 APX 0.9231 JOH 0.7929 ECML 0.9409 HLG 0.9627 TAE 0.8443 MAA 0.9155 Average 0.8904 Source: Data from historical data of Bloomberg terminal.
On the other hand, companies HLG, MNRB, RCE, MAY encountered less than 0.05% error.
'This includes 10 strategic firms such as Maybank, Sime Darby Plantation, Sime Darby Berhad, Sime Darby Property, SP Setia, UMW Holdings, UMW Oil and Gas, CCM, CCM Duopharma dan MNRB.