MNSDMarple Newtown School District (Delaware County, PA)
MNSDMuskego-Norway School District (Wisconsin)
MNSDMouvement National pour une Société de Développement (French: National Movement for A Developing Society, Niger)
MNSDMinnesota and South Dakota
MNSDMotile Normal Sperm Density (reproductive science)
MNSDMobile Network Solutions Division (UK)
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The algorithm first aligns the face images at a MNSD by rotating them in the range of -2[degrees] to +2[degrees] using a step size of 0.5[degrees].
Using the proposed two-pass algorithm, alignment experiments are performed on GavabDB, Bosphorus, UMB-DB and FRGC v2.0 databases to align the faces at the MNSD. For evaluation of the alignment accuracy, there is no existing evaluation criterion.
Several novelties were contributed in this study including: (i) two-pass coarse to fine 3D face alignment algorithm, that accurately aligned 3D face images to an ICS in the first pass at a MNSD which is further minimized in the second alignment pass.
Dans sa declaration, note le journal, le MNSD qualifie la situation politique, securitaire et socio-economique au Niger de "grave" du fait de l'incompetence et de l'irresponsabilite du pouvoir en place.
Sugrupavus tokiu budu imoniu klases i poklasius, galima isskirti keturias diversifikacijos pakopas: A tipo imones, pasizymincios mazu diversifikacijos laipsniu, turi maziau BSD ir MNSD. priesingame tokios skales gale atsiduria D tipo imones, t.
Pagrindiniai Varadarajano ir Ramanujano koncepcijos trukumai yra sie: pirma, neaisku, kaip nustatyti skirtuma tarp aukstu BSD ir MNSD lygiu, antra, remiantis siuloma metodika atskirose imtyse gautos vidutines reiksmes laikomos auksciausiais taskais.
Although the ruling MNSD party won more positions than any other political party, opposition parties made significant gains.
The ruling MNSD party won more positions than any other political party; however, opposition parties made significant gains.
In the 2004 legislative elections, the National Movement for the Development of Society (MNSD), the Democratic and Socialist Convention (CDS), the Rally for Social Democracy (RSD), the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), the Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP), and the Social Party for Nigerien Democracy (PSDN) coalition, which backed Tandja, won 88 of the 113 seats in the National Assembly.
The ruling party, the National Movement for a Society of Development (MNSD), won 76 out of 113 elective parliamentary seats.
Table 4 shows Pearson correlation coefficients between product diversification measures (BSD, MNSD, ENTROPY-total, ENTROPY-unrelated and ENTROPY-related) with international diversification measures (LFORASSETS, LFORSALES, LNSUBS, and GMD).
ENTROPY-TOTAL -0.31(**) -0.31(**) -0.32(**) -0.14 ENTROPY-UNRELATED -0.9 -0.33(**) -0.10 -0.14 ENTROPY-RELATED -0.28(**) 0.05 -0.27(**) 0.01 BSD -0.17 -0.25(*) -0.16 0.01 MNSD -0.16 -0.12 -0.05 0.23(*)