MNSFMonoclonal Nonspecific Suppressor Factor
MNSFMurine Neonatal Skin Fibroblasts
MNSFMarine Navigation Service Fee (Canada)
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This subsection compares the performance of using minimal mean location error MLE as the key metric for evaluating the performance of a specific AP deployment layout and three other metrics including MSD [20], MSNR [22], and MNSF [19].
We compared MAPD with the case without new APs (called NoNewAP), MSD [20], MNSF [19] and MSNR [22].
Table 3 shows that the mean location error by MAPD is 1.56 meter which is 0.56 meter (26%) 0.17 meter (10%), 0.13 meter (7%), and 0.18 meter (10%) smaller than their counterparts by NoNewAP, MSD, MNSF, and MSNR, respectively.
Also, it is seen that MSD, MNSF and MSNR have similar performance.