MNSJMetro Network for Social Justice
MNSJMinnesota Sporting Journal
MNSJMinistry of National Security and Justice (Jamaica)
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These conceptual preparations lead the way, in the next five chapters, to the author's description and analysis of the MNSJ, whose origins go back to 1991.
Although the MNSJ originates with protest activism, its significance, as Conway asserts, lies in its success in negotiating "the tension between the short-term, urgent and immediate, and the longer term orientations to community development, base building and cultural transformation." (198) The MNSJ also succeeded, through its immense amount of published literature, in educating the public about the links between local policies, national politics, and global economic trends.
In the end, Conway proposes that a new form of political activism is in the formation, and as we saw in her work on the MNSJ, it involves the movements that make up a new movement.