MNSRMiniature Neutron Source Reactor (China)
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and has announced its intention to carry out an inspection at the MNSR on Nov.
Traces of uranium were also found at that site, and the IAEA is trying to establish whether there could be a link between Dair Alzour and the MNSR.
And the latest report shows that inspectors are similarly skeptical of Syria's explanation about the provenance of the uranium at the MNSR.
Syria had even provided a document to support its explanation for the presence of the uranyl nitrate at the MNSR.
The MNSR is formulated as a disjunction: either the NSR is sensitive to selectional ordering (S-NSR), or it is sensitive to constituent ordering (C-NSR).
The MNSR, in particular the joint application of the S-NSR and the C-NSR, is mainly developed on the basis of German data.
Before we discuss the formulation of the MNSR and the FPR we have to address the feature configuration on which these two rules operate.
Ensuring the sustainability of MNSR operation with a LEU core was a key success factor of this project, said Christophe Xerri, Director of the IAEA Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology.
To ensure successful knowledge transfer for future conversion projects, a mock-up MNSR vessel was built for operator training at the GHARR-1 facility.
MNSR type research reactors were designed and manufactured by the China Institute of Atomic Energy, and the original design had a compact core with 30 kW thermal powers, containing about 1 kg of 90% enriched HEU.
Over the span of the project, NNSA and partner country technical experts working under the auspices of the IAEA performed detailed analyses to confirm the feasibility and safety of operating Ghanas MNSR with LEU fuel.
Ghanas Chinese-origin MNSR is the first reactor of this type to be converted outside of China, establishing this cooperative effort as a model for similar cooperation on future MNSR conversions.