MNTDMaximum Nontoxic Dose
MNTDMember Nominated Trustee Director
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Commenting on the announcements, el-Fassi, said: "The Pearl-Qatar Fashion Week and MNTD will establish Doha as a leader in the fashion stakes and cement its reputation as a place where exciting and creative things are happening.
We are confident The Pearl-Qatar Fashion Week and MNTD will raise awareness about Qatar as an emerging design and fashion incubator.
"Qatar has been at the forefront of fostering a culture of art and design in the region and the world and it is only natural we would choose Doha as the setting for both The Pearl-Qatar Fashion Week and MNTD."
kaouthia venom-induced MCTD was 25.2[+ or -]2.0 [micro]g in the isolated guinea pig auricle, MNTD was 75.4[+ or -]3.7 [micro]g in the isolated RPND preparation, MAD was 79.8[+ or -]2.39 [micro]g in rat respiration and [PLA.sub.2] activity was 5 [micro]g[equivalent to]1 unit.
In our in vitro studies, the mixture of [beta]-sitosterol and stigmasterol (100 [micro]g) showed significant protection against cobra venom-induced lethality up to 4.8 [LD.sub.50] value ([ED.sub.50] value 49.5[+ or -]0.5 [micro]g), cardiotoxicity up to 3 MCTD ([ED.sub.50] value 50.3[+ or -]0.64 [micro]g), neurotoxicity up to 2 MNTD ([ED.sub.50] value 54.4[+ or -]1.95 [micro]g), respiration up to 2 MAD ([ED.sub.50] value 55.9[+ or -]0.94 [micro]g) and [PLA.sub.2] action up to 8 units of [PLA.sub.2] activity ([ED.sub.50] value 56.2[+ or -]1.6 [micro]g) (Table 2).
NP = no protection; MCTD, minimum cardiotoxic dose; MNTD, minimum neurotoxic dose; MAD, minimum apnea dose.