MNTSMedial Nucleus Tractus Solitarii
MNTSMarke-Nyman Temperament Scale
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Many neurons in the caudal or mNTS and AP project to nuclei within the LPBN (26).
The LPBN is richly interconnected with medullary regions, including the AP and mNTS, and with forebrain areas implicated in the maintenance of blood pressure and body fluid homeostasis, such as the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus, the central nucleus of the amygdala (CeA), and the median preoptic nucleus (25-32).
To put it another way, my FNT and MNT friends are displacing the source of their discomfort, from the visceral and naturalized meanings of their own bodies to the level of a disembodied "politics." (It is also the case that FNTs and MNTs likely experience different kinds of embodied reactions to SRS; I will not make much of this difference, however, and I will defend this position in the final section of the paper).
In 2006 participants at the CANEUS [Canada-Europe-USA-Asia] Conference concluded that "nearly every space program worldwide has found remarkable and successful roles for micro and nano technologies (MNT)" such as the creating of lighter weight, smaller-sized, less-power-dissipated, lower-cost materials for outer space, aerospace, and military applications.
The concentrates contained approximately 30% of wheat bran, and were offered to animals of the MNTS treatment group.
Com base nos dados do SRTM-90m, foram elaborados MNTs da regiao da bacia do Rio Uruguai com resolucoes de 0,001[grados], 0,002[grados] e 0,005[grados], que correspondem a aproximadamente 100 m, 200 m e 500 m, respectivamente.
Protein, sodium, and calories are cornerstones of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in ESLD but have differing therapeutic rationales from the renal diet.
According to Vivien Cockerill, pensions partner at Wragge & Co, the new requirements are simpler than the current regime but members may be reluctant to become MNTs.
Atualmente no mercado existem varios softwares de SIG que executam trabalhos com MNTs como, por exemplo, o ArcInfo, IDRISI e SPRING.
Northern red, Quercus rubra, 1997 [*] Double Gap Bridge, Great Smoky Mnts. NP, N.C.