MNVMine Neutralization Vehicle
MNVMinnesota Vikings
MNVMean Nuclear Volume (biology)
MNVMa Nouvelle Voiture (French: My New Car; website)
MNVMilker's Node Virus (virology)
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Production from Belaya Gora would thus compensate for the expected decline at MNV until 2017 when the new Taseevskoye project will be commissioned.
The MNV Biomech was developed by Dutch firm Xsens, and was originally used by the military.
NSWC Corona provided NAVSUP Weapon System Support (WSS) with data from the Trident Fury exercise regarding AN/SQQ-32(V) 3 and AN/ SLQ-48 MNV most frequently requisitioned material with zero assets.
Por ello, la investigacion sobre los procesos neurocognitivos, que explican el deterioro de la MNV en la EA y la depresion, no solo tiene una relevancia clinica, sino tambien teorica.
The weapon is currently equipped with the Denel KKV night sight and the Denel MNV day sight.
The MNV Group expands operation in Pay TV business through PT Nusantara Vision, which will operate OK Vision.
Among the gesture leg motion-related events, significant differences in leg height among testing conditions were observed at MXV, TR, MNV, and IDM (Table 2).
Willy," officially named the SLQ-48 Mine Neutralization Vehicle (MNV), carries video surveillance cameras that transmit real-time imagery to the MNV pilots back aboard Devastator.
The two modems are NTT East's MNV and NTT West's MV, both of which were put on the market in March, said the regional units of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
During November 14-20, a total of 111 laboratory positive human cases of MNV associated illness were reported from Indiana (n=37), Illinois (n=23), Texas (n= 17), Nebraska (n=nine), Ohio (n=six), Georgia (n=five), Arkansas (n=four), Florida (n=four), Minnesota (n=three), Maryland (n=one), Massachusetts (n=one), and Tennessee (n=one).
An MNV (Minimum Number of Vessels) of nine flour cask lids (three complete and six partial lids) were raised during the test excavation of William Salthouse or were handed in to Heritage Victoria as a result of the 1993 amnesty.
An angel investor can add significant value to an MNV if he or she has business, technology, or media contacts that can help increase the chances of success.