MNV-1Murine Norovirus 1
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To evaluate the antiviral activity of ZSO against FcV-F9 and MNV-1, the effect of ZSO was evaluated at different time points during virus infection using plaque assay [21].
FCV-F9 plaque assay using CRFK cells was also performed following the method described for MNV-1 and RAW 264.7 cells.
Protective Effect of ZSO against MNV-1 and FCV-F9 Infectivity.
The effect of ZSO on another foodborne viral surrogate, MNV-1, was also examined using plaque assay.
Furthermore, FCV-F9 was more sensitive to ZSO than MNV-1, and E[C.sub.50] of ZSO upon pretreatment with FCV-F9 was 0.0007%.
As ZSO showed inhibitory activities against FCV-F9 and MNV-1, we analyzed the fatty acid composition of ZSO.
Reaction contained 1x RNA UltraSense reaction mix, 0.2 [micro]M primers, 0.2 [micro]M probe minor groove binder-open reading frame (ORF) 1/ORF2 (FAM-labeled), 50 nM IAC probe (VIC-labeled), 1x ROX reference dye, 1 [micro]L RNA UltraSense enzyme mix, and 600 MNV-1 IAC copies.