MNYMicrosoft Money (file extension)
MNYMaybelline New York (New York, NY)
MNYManhattan New York
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However, the radiographs of their pelvis did not show sacroiliitis or showed only minimal changes that did not satisfy the mNY criteria.
En la Tabla 1 se observa los resultados del analisis quimico en porcentaje de peso (% peso) y se incluyen todos los elementos que se obtuvieron en el analisis, tanto los elementos aleantes C, Cr, Mny Si como los elementos residuales P, S, Ni, Co, V, Mo, W, Cu, Sn, Al, Nb, B y Pb.
The award was accepted by Vladimir Shcherbatykh, CEO of GIPI, from Suleiman Al Mny, PDO Pipeline Infrastructure and Oil Terminal Manager, and in the presence of PDO officials and senior management of Oman Investment Corporation.
Top performer last week was Eamonn Holmes, who was unbelievably good at identifying "mny John Wayne film by the hat he was wearing in it.
MNY: money gold, precious metals, and cash held by Gosbank, EMS: cash emission.
an in in ge I mny "Since taking over as artistic director in 2007, have proud memories of announcing the com pany's new status as National Dance Compan Wales and then taking the company on tou throughout the world.
I was sitting having a cup of coffee in my sunroom at home in Sydney, mny years ago.
r chrcrs rmrging round you in your lifnd boh you nd your closons hvchngd in so mny wys his smonh.
mny: logaritmo de la oferta monetaria cpi: logaritmo del nivel de precios D94: dummy que recoge la crisis financiera de ese ano.
NICE WEATHER FOR DUCKS Shoppers are caught in a dwnpour - one of mny to hit the region so far this month SOAKED Shoppers in Newcastle city centre caught in a torrential downpour once again, as July proves a very wet month