MO2Muscle Oxygen Consumption
MO2Molecular Oriented Membrane
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Dietary treatments included a corn-soybean basal diet supplemented with 3% soybean oil (CTR), basal diet supplemented with 3% MO1 (MO1), and basal diet supplemented with 3% MO2 (MO2).
Atoms Site [n.sub.s] symmetry P-1 [[GAMMA].sub.transl] [C.sub.1] 2 Mo1, Mo2, Mo3, Cu1, K2, Na1, Na2, 12 O Z = 2 [Z.sup.B] [[GAMMA].sub.transl] K1, K3 [C.sub.i] 1 = 2 [t.sub.[gamma]] [gamma] [f.sub.[gamma]] P-1 3 A([T.sub.x], 6 [T.sub.y], [T.sub.z]) Z = 2 [Z.sup.B] 3 [A.sub.u]([T.sub.x], 3 = 2 [T.sub.y], [T.sub.z]) [zeta] [C.sub.[zeta]] [a.sub.[zeta]] P-1 [A.sub.g] 1 3 Z = 2 [A.sub.u] 1 3 [Z.sup.B] [A.sub.u] 1 3 = 2 [SIGMA] [[GAMMA].sub.atom] P-1 19(3[A.sub.g] + 3[A.sub.u] Z = 2 [Z.sup.B] 2(3[A.sub.u]) = 2 [Z.sup.B]: number of molecules per primitive Bravais cell, [n.sub.s]: number of positions, [t.sub.[gamma]]: number of translations of a site species [gamma], and [f.sub.[gamma]]: the degree of vibrational freedom present in each site species [gamma].
However, there is no evidence to support the effect of increasing managerial ownership (mo2 and mo3) on firm value.
Increased levels of micro-oxygenation to treatment MO2 resulted in a significant decrease of S[O.sub.2] decolorable anthocyanins.
Objections in Wales By Post to: Jeremy Frost, Marine and Fisheries Division, Inland and Intertidal Fisheries Strategy, CP2, North Core, 2nd Floor, Pillar MO2, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ By email to Objections in England By Post to: James Towns, Migratory and Freshwater Fisheries and Sea Angling, Sustainable Fisheries, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Area 8a, 9 Millbank, c/o Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR By email to At the end of the consultation period copies of the response may be made public.
Theinformation on (n= 245) males and (n= 485) female animals of different ages and weight (at birth 6 to 9 mo2 teeth 4 teeth 6 teeth and 8 teeth) and different morphological characteristics i.e.
(2004) cost mobile RFID device Mo2 Cost of using mobile internet Switching Sw1 Economic loss Kim et al.
The second option (MO2: selective hand-thinning) applied selective hand-thinning of nonnative understory but retention of native understory within stands of cottonwood to reduce fire risk but maintain some native vegetation.
Following trials with customers the MO2 TI uses new high temperature piezo-ceramics and the high temperature resistant materials to provide reliable performance up to 600[degrees]C with no need for cooling.
The BPS (building Performance Simulations) were performed for the Typical Meteorological Year of Belgrade, for the construction models: MO1 - model of the building according to the design of 1969; MO0 - model of the building approximately as it is today; MO2 - MO5 are the models of the building with improved energy efficiency construction; M-model in accordance with the DHS energy consumption monitoring data provided by the Belgrade DHS district heating system plant (measured at the DHS substation's heat exchanger).