MOAHMuseum of American Heritage
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Featured in the Main Gallery at MOAH are the works of celebrated assemblage artist Betye Saar and her daughters, artists Alison Saar and Lezley Saar.
In addition to the regularly scheduled community engagement programs that MOAH, MOAH:CEDAR, and the Western Hotel Museum offer, this exhibition will include an artist talk and tour by local Civil Rights photographer Wyatt Kenneth Coleman on Sunday, February 18 at 2 p.
MOSH and MOAH migrate into the foodstuffs from the mineral oils that are used as adhesives and printing inks, as well as during packaging manufacture.
SGS's Analysis of Mineral Oil Components in Food will help manufacturers identify MOH in food and separately measure MOSH and MOAH levels.
A ministry statement said the organization Foodwatch had discovered that some products sold in Lebanon, such as Kinder chocolate, contained carcinogens called mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons, or MOAHs.
It is worth mentioning that the file is related to scientific reports sent by Foodwatch organization to the ministry that indicated the presence of carcinogenic substances MOAHs in some food products manufactured and marketed in Europe, notably Kinder chocolate.