MOAHIMixed/Obstructive Apnea/Hypopnea Index
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With the help of some fortune, Moahi's shot deflected off the wall and went straight into the bottom corner with Kgosipula beaten by the deflection.
Moahi (2002) posited that there are thousands of web pages on the web, made available through the Internet that are not organised or catalogued in some way unlike the information resources in the library.
Editors Moahi, Bwalya, and Mazebe II Sebina present readers with a collection of scholarly research on the utilization of technology in delivering accurate and reliable health information to patients in a wide variety of contexts within the developing countries of the world.
Moahi, K., Becker, C, Lee, M., Kuruba, G., Jackson-Malete, J., Masupo, S., et al.
Moahi, who provided an assist for the second goal, could have easily connected with a cross from Remmington Masuku but was ball watching.
The rate of deployment of institutional repositories in Africa is very low as compared to other areas of the world (DOAR, 2014; OPENDOAR, 2011; Moahi, 2009).
As we visited the secondary school to meet Mr and Dr Moahi, the duo together with a group of experts, were assessing their newly built Maranatha Academy of Excellence Secondary School which started operating in January this year.
Dr Ian Khama Seretse Khama also sent a message of condolences to the family, saying Ms Moahi's death was a loss to residents of Moshupa and the nation at large.
Moahi, K.N (2004) Copyright in the digital era and some implications for indigenous knowledge.
Prof Moahi in addition, highlighted it was important to desist from looking at issues of women's health only from the perspective of sexual and reproductive health.
In line with this, Watts & Ibegbulam (2006) and Moahi (2009) advocate the development of ICT facilities in public libraries to propel health information dissemination in Nigeria and Botswana.
Moahi (1995) defined Grey Literature as "material that is not commercially published and therefore not to be found in the normal channels associated with commercially published literature".