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Mantenian un gran respeto por sus antepasados representados en sus estatuas, los moais, dispuestos en varios sectores de la isla dispuestos de tal forma que miran hacia el interior de la misma.
That explained the high concentration of moai and ahu along the coast, the researchers inferred.
They found that the people constructing the moai increasingly focused on the better rock at three quarry complexes, showing there were concentrated efforts to focus on the best materials.
In Okinawa, Japan, they traditionally don't have to worry about loneliness because when you're a child, you're put by your parents into these moais. It can be defined as a committed social network that lasts a long time: a personal board of directors".
Witness the enigmatic moai statues of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
During the work carried out by a Norwegian archeological expedition on Easter Island and other islands of the eastern Pacific (1955-1956), a surprising petroglyph was discovered on the chest of a moai buried in the Rano Raraku quarry (Fig.
We will trace the locations of the huge Moai, from the quarries to sites along the coast.
There are around 1000 moai (statues) on the island.
And if the Great Wall whets Clyde's appetite for such wonders then maybe he'll make the trek over the Pacific to visit Easter Island and see for himself the mysterious giant stone heads, or moai.
The enigmatic Moai stone statues are a prominent central theme, but some paintings also depict natural scenery, local buildings, or other relics of history.
Ella Jones, 10, made a clay Moai at the Middlesbrough Museums stand 280714MUSEUM_002 IAN COOPER
(2) according to legend, these settlers, who became known as the Rapanui, planted crops, cleared the forests, and carved hundreds of enormous Human Statues called moai. Then the rapanui all but disappeared.