MOAOMy One And Only
MOAOPanel on Meteorological Aspects of Ocean Affairs
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Moao was a high military rank in the state of Chu; for debates about the identity of moao Yang Wei, see Li Shoukui [phrase omitted], "Qinghua jian Xinian 'moao Yiwei' kaolun" [phrase omitted] Zhongyuan wenhuayanjiu [phrase omitted] 2014.2: 50-54 vs.
MOAO systems use multiple guide stars to monitor atmospheric changes in the field of view so that the system can correct in response.
Recently, a team led by David Andersen (National Research Council, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Canada), Colin Bradley, and Olivier Lardiere (both of University of Victoria, Canada) installed the Raven MOAO system on the 8.2-meter Subaru Telescope on Mauna Kea.
Raven's MOAO system delivers images with roughly 0.15-arcsecond resolution --better than the typical 0.5-arcsecond achievable without AO, but not diffraction-limited.
MOAO 8833 - Classima Executives with visible balanceThis large-sized model (with a 42 mm case) provides a fine view of the balance in motion through a dial opening at 12 o'clock.
The ECRC will be part of the adventure, providing the first HPC Multi-Object Adaptive Optics simulation framework (MOAO).
The mirror is composed of 798 hexagonal segments monitored and maneuvered by 8,000 independent actuators receiving instructions from MOAO on the deformation configuration that compensates for the changing environmental conditions at the contour.
The mirror adjustments will be performed in alternating cycles of typically 10 minutes, with a cycle where the E-ELT will be acquiring images followed by a processing cycle, during which the MOAO will work at the calculation of the mirror deformation needed to improve the quality of the previously acquired images.