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MOATMeasurement and Operations Analysis Team
MOATMetropolitan Oval Aquatic Trench (Phineas and Ferb television cartoon)
MOATMolothrus Ater (bird species)
MOATMissile on Aircraft Test
MOATMother of All Trips
MOATMember Officer Advisor Training
MOATMicrocircuit Obsolescence Analysis Tool
MOATMechanical/Optic Alignment Test
MOATMission Opportunities for Airship Technology
MOATMonitor Outbound Application Traffic (McAfee firewall)
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Each barbican was portcullised, while the inner gates were similarly safeguarded in addition to the drawbridges which, spanning the moat when lowered, could be drawn up at the approach of an enemy, effectually stopping his advance.
He also expressed concern that the loss of the moat would discourage tourists from visiting the Unesco World Heritage Site.
Moat are looking to implement a comprehensive mobile working solution, that will allow team members access to key data held within the core systems whilst they are working remotely.
Peel Hall Park, in Wythenshawe, boasts a much-loved moat that dates back to the 14th Century and once surrounded the original Peel Hall.
Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire Moat, a digital measurement cloud company, the company said.
From being the first to break the news of the shootings in Birtley on the morning of July 3, 2010, to being the only newspaper able to confirm Moat's death in print we kept Tyneside informed of every twist and turn in the tragic drama.
As part of Caerphilly Round Table's "Fiesta Weekend" (May 23 to 24, 1970) a Loch Moat Maggot surfaced from the moat and scrambled on to the back of the lorry to join a carnival procession which toured around the town collecting for charity.
A police officer who shot wanted murderer Raoul Moat in the chest with a Taser has told an inquest the cartridge had no effect on him.
Two West Yorkshire Police firearms officers - identified in court as Zulu 24 and Victor 24 - used experimental X12 shotgun Tasers on Moat after he appeared to prepare to kill himself.
Victor 24 realised his colleague's Taser had not incapacitated Moat, so he fired his X12 but it missed.