MOBDMassachusetts Office of Business Development
MOBDMultiplex-On Board Diagnosis (Vehicles, Toyota)
MOBDMultiplication of Backward Difference (algorithm)
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Word-based Average LSP Average Semantic weight weight Avoiding -0.413 (PRP, PRP, RB, SYMP) 0.081 sosy Wrong -0.363 (PRP, PRP, VB, SYMP) 0.060 mobd Avoid -0.343 (VBZ, CC, SYMP) 0.058 patf Prescribe -0.323 (SYMP, SYMP, SYMP) 0.054 resa Bleeding 0.283 (PRP, SYMP, CC, SYMP, IN) -0.053 inpo Anxiety 0.281 (CC, SYMP, IN, SYMP) -0.052 anab Swelling 0.233 (PRP, SYMP, VBG) 0.049 mcha Increased -0.185 (RB, SYMP, VB) 0.048 aggp Migraines 0.185 (JJ, IN, JJ, SYMP) 0.036 plnt Fever 0.160 (NN, SYMP, RB, SYMP) -0.033 mamm Word-based Average weight Avoiding 0.329 Wrong 0.207 Avoid 0.190 Prescribe -0.173 Bleeding 0.100 Anxiety 0.094 Swelling -0.092 Increased -0.090 Migraines -0.063 Fever -0.052 TABLE 5: Top 10 feature contributions for medication and symptom class in a random forest model.
They were watering cattle at the village pond when they were attacked "with spears and hatchets": Nanak by Iladi Shah and Shera, Mangat by Jehandad and Dost Mobd. "This assault was witnessed by Gurdit Singh, Parmanand and Bhai Dhian Singh." The same kinds of details are provided for later incidents.
The Ministry of Business Development (MoBD) has announced that a total of 3,000 entrepreneurial start-up businesses are going to be supported financially by the government.