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MOBIUSMobile Urban Sensing (International Workshop)
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Mobius Therapeutics' first product, Mitosol, is the only US FDA approved formulation of mitomycin-c bearing an ophthalmic indication.
Mobius said it will use the capital to support its continued growth, next generation product development and scale up the business.
The Mobius platform works as a middle bridge to enable communications and interactions between IoT devices and applications as following.
If you're looking for a premium gaming audio experience, you can't go wrong with the Audeze Mobius. It won't only take care of your gaming audio requirements, you will get to enjoy superior performance while listening to music and watching movies.
We have modernized and consolidated group purchasing, incremental retail sales opportunities, central warehousing and technology by connecting vendors to retailers." - Kamal Haddad CEO, Health Mobius
Mobius Foundation has a vision to collaborate with a diverse range of public and civil partners to advance the cause and practices of sustainable consciousness in Indian citizens.
The acquisition of Mobius is consistent with Varian's long-term growth and value creation strategy and broadens its cancer care portfolio.
Mobius Medical Systems is a radiation oncology Quality Assurance (QA) software company.
"I have had the great privilege of working with an emerging markets team that includes some of the most talented and passionate people in the business, a number of whom have been with me for decades," Mobius explained in a statement.
"By adopting the Mobius platform, Liebherr is poised to differentiate its autonomous vehicles by addressing the market need for interoperability and openness," explained ASI's Drew Larsen, director of business development over Mining.
First there was an astronomy session followed by a Mobius Strip Workshop; a Mobius strip is a single strip of paper where one half is turned 180 degrees and the other is glued the shape is impossible to do in 3D, this is why in paintings and paper are able to pull off illusionary pieces.
Fund management guru Mark Mobius has given the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) a grade 'A' for its integration efforts in the last 50 years and is hoping that the regional bloc would next move toward a common currency and banking system.