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MOBLOGMobile Blogging
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If you care about posting photos rather than text, you can just do moblogs," he explains.
"Moblogs are a huge advantage to the cameraphone industry.
To be sure, the images on moblogs are generally of poor quality.
Perhaps a similar dynamic is at work with camera phones and moblogs: Technical improvement alone will not change their basic traits of immediacy and disposability.
Moblog host sites can contain highly personal scrapbook-type snapshots as well as genuinely journalistic up-to-the-minute moblog photographs.
Moblogs are an example [of a medium] where there's cross-over; either citizen or pro can publish moblogs, and either's work can be of value to the public.
Cameraphone images and moblogs proved to be crucial investigative tools, reports BBC News.
Nacen diversas variantes como los fotoblogs (5), audioblogs (6), videoblogs (7), teleblogs (8), moblogs (CEBRIAN HERREROS y FLORES VIVAR, 2007).
The issues involving story selection, organization and presentation become preeminent in a time when the phenomenal growth of blogs, moblogs, vlogs, stories told through maps ( or games ( cannot be ignored.
Look forward to 2005, with ten million people posting 640x480 cell-snaps of puppy dogs, lampposts, and strangers with funny clothes on their "moblogs." Even if you assume that Microsoft's dystopian Stuff I've Seen won't actually yield a couple of terabytes per person per year for a few million true believers, there's already too much digital content refreshed too often for overall digital archiving to make much