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MOBLOGMobile Blogging
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If you care about posting photos rather than text, you can just do moblogs," he explains.
net) make it easy (and free) for people to set up their own photoblogs or moblogs (mobile blogs).
Moblog host sites can contain highly personal scrapbook-type snapshots as well as genuinely journalistic up-to-the-minute moblog photographs.
Desde la concepcion de los blogs hasta sus diferentes modalidades: blogosferas personales, wikiesfera, blogosfera comunitaria o de redes sociales y metablogs; asi como la diversificacion de formatos y de sistemas expresivos de los blogs: blogs escritos, fotoblogs, audioblogs, videoblogs, moblogs.
newsblogs, collective blogs, technical blogs, professional blogs, sex blogs, moblogs, etc.
Groups with new services such as blogs, moblogs (mobile Weblogs that consist of content posted from portable devices), and other sharing tools.
Nacen diversas variantes como los fotoblogs (5), audioblogs (6), videoblogs (7), teleblogs (8), moblogs (CEBRIAN HERREROS y FLORES VIVAR, 2007).
The issues involving story selection, organization and presentation become preeminent in a time when the phenomenal growth of blogs, moblogs, vlogs, stories told through maps (43places.
Una multitud de blogs se dedican en exclusiva a las imagenes: las tomadas por camaras digitales aparecen enfotoblogs, mientras que las capturadas por telefonos celulares son divulgadas por moblogs.