MOBTMuseum of Bus Transportation (Hershey, PA)
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Variables of the study comprises of ROE, Volume of ATM Transactions (ATMT), Volume of POSs Transactions (POST), Volume of Call Center Transactions (CCT) and Volume of Mobile Banking Transactions (MOBT).
It incorporates ATMT, POST, CCT and MOBT as independent/ explanatory variables and ROE as dependent variables of the study.
Table 1 present the descriptive statics of the variables: ROE, ATMT, POST, CCT and MOBT from 2007 to 2014.
MOBT has mean value of 669.82 transactions per quarter with range from 4 to 1,887 lowest in 2nd quarter of 2007 and highest in 3 (rd) quarter of 2014.
ATMT and MOBT have positive and significant relationship with ROE of banks.
This paper investigate that what impact cashless banking has on profitability of Pakistani banking industry through ATMT, POST, CCT and MOBT during the period 2007 to 2014.