MOBUMossy Oak Break Up (camouflage)
MOBUMobilization Base Units
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Hunting Situation Recommended Patterns Spring turkey hunting & MOSL, BG, CF, FW, FS, PSG, SUGL, early fall deer hunting TGS, TBSG Late fall deer hunting-- MOBU, MOSB, APO, XG, BGR, average to large trees DOWL,KMT, NG, US, PFG, TB, DOU Late fall deer hunting-- ASAT, PWW, SO small trees, limited background Snow cover--hunting on NGS, PWW, XS, SO, APS the ground Marsh and field ADVW, MOSG Early spring turkey MOSB, XB NGE, PSG, TBSG, FS Open cover--plains hunting for ASAT, CF DOHT, WCB, MOSG, KMB, antelope, predators--rocky NG, PFB, ADV, XG, STL terrain for goat, sheep or caribou Light-colored all-purpose patterns ADV, ASAT, MOSB, KMB, US, PE, SA TBS, TBSFB, WE Dark-colored all-purpose patterns SOU, MOBU, KMA, FS, PFB, SOFP, TB, HW
Survey data for July and August, published in the August and September MoBus respectively, showed further improvements.
The RMSFE estimates are shown, by column, as a function of the monthly information contained in consecutive MoBus and indicate, based on historical performance, how we have observed and expect the uncertainty associated with the forecast for 2009q3 to evolve as information accumulates.