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MOCAMuseum of Contemporary Art
MOCAMultimedia over Coax
MOCAMuseum of Chinese in the Americas
MOCA4,4'-Methylene-Bis-2-Chloroaniline (hazardous chemical)
MOCAMontezuma Castle National Monument (US National Park Service)
MOCAMinnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance
MOCAMinistry of Civil Aviation (India)
MOCAMusic Online Competition Act
MOCAMinimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
MOCAMinneapolis Off-Road Cycling Advocates
MOCAMinimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (less common)
MOCAMicrosoft Online Crash Analysis
MOCAMazda Owners Club of America (car club)
MOCAMobile Classroom Application (tablet software)
MOCAMultimedia Over Cable Alliance
MOCAMontreal Cognitive Assessment Test (impairment screening method)
MOCAMovement for Cultural Awareness (Nigeria)
MOCAMitigation of Obsolescence Cost Analysis
MOCAManagement of Clinical Aggression (Australia)
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Como se considera el MoCA un instrumento de cribado, se propone su estandarizacion tambien por edad.
The study was done to assess the cognitive functions in patients of alcohol dependence using MMSE and MoCA and compared the findings of above tests with that of normal healthy controls.
Our study found that there was a significant difference between the K-type group and the non-CAMV group/T-type group on MoCA positive rate, VFT scores, and DST scores.
Somente assim essa jovem teria acesso ao titulo de boa moca em contrapartida ao moca vulgar, referindo-se as palavras de Priore (2011: 165), "[...] as que se comportavam como 'mocas de familia', nao usando roupas sensuais, evitando ficar a sos no escuro, saindo so na companhia de um 'segurador de vela', estas tinham mais chance de fazer um bom casamento.".
The Zyxel MoCA 2.0 Ethernet Adapter (HLA4205) is a coax home network adapter that turns the home coax cabling into a 1.4 Gbps network backbone, enabling users to build up a complete network environment with the existing coaxial infrastructure.
2) MoCA (Xiehe version) test includes visuospatial and executive function, naming, memory, attention, language, abstraction, delayed recall, and orientation, among which memory is not rated.
The public servants of MoCA and Air India, by misusing their official positions ordered purchase of 111 aircraft pegged at ` 67,000 crores.
Allele and haplotype frequencies of rs1050325 and rs2616984 in the total sample of 708 elderly subjects, as well as in the first (MoCa < 21) and fourth (MoCA > 24) quartiles of MoCA scores distribution, are presented in Table 2.
El Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) es un test de tamizaje breve, disenado para ayudar en la deteccion del deterioro cognitivo leve (DCL) y la demencia (1).
And Isabel had her work cut out for her, because Moca was headstrong and stubborn; she took pride in her ability to tame his strong will.
(5,14) A brief screening test for cognitive dysfunction would be the ideal for a busy clinical setting but no such instrument has been specifically validated for schizophrenia (15) However, because the cognitive deficits of schizophrenia tend to be global, (3) whilst perhaps targeting specific domains more than others, (4) the cognitive deficits do not differ much (if at all) from the cognitive domains tested by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) (16) and the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test (MoCA) (17) even though both were developed for detecting dementia and mild cognitive impairment prior to dementia.