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MOCAMModels of Care for Alcohol Misusers
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Meanwhile, Joyce Ken Kei Daquio of Kidapawan City National High School was awarded second place winner while Jona Mocam of Matanao National High School of Region 11 got the third place.
MOCAM states that these hazardous and harmful drinkers do not have significant evidence of alcohol dependence and thus advice and brief interventions are often suitable to meet the needs of both these groups.
The provider must adhere to the Council~s fundamental values and principles based on the belief that all clients should have maximum control over their lives, self determination and individuality Aims and objectives of service Provision of open access facilities and outreach that provide: alcohol-specific advice, information and support; extended brief interventions to help alcohol misusers reduce alcohol-related harm; and assessment and referral of those with more serious alcohol-related problems for care-planned treatment.~ MoCAM. The service should be provided in appropriate settings across the borough and; Provide an open access, alcohol specific service.