MOCEMovimiento Por La Certidumbre (Spanish: Movement for Certainty)
MOCEMilitary Operations in Cold Environments
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"Tearin' off to Brighton--you never seen Brighton, I expect--it's down by the sea, used to be a moce 'mazing place--and coming and going from London."
'ouses and took what we wanted and buried moce of the people, but up that way, Norwood way, there's 'ouses with the glass in the windows still, and the furniture not touched--all dusty and falling to pieces--and the bones of the people lying, some in bed, some about the 'ouse, jest as the Purple Death left 'em five-and-twenty years ago.
But moce of the people who lived hereabouts was too tender stummicked for rats.
In 4 Heart Protection Study (HPS) 2012, both biomarkers were essentially identically associated with the occurrence of major occlusive coronary events (MOCEs) and the need for revascularization.
Se observo la morfologia individual de los espermatozoides al microscopio (1000X), clasificandolos como normales o anormales (Graham y Moce, 2005).
During IVF, spermatozoa have to mimic the functional changes that occur during in vivo gamete's interaction (Graham and Moce, 2005).
However, a number of studies indicated that in vitro cleavage rate of fresh oocytes is highly correlated with in vivo bull fertility (Larsson and Rodriguez-Martinez, 2000; Walters et al., 2004) as during IVF spermatozoa have to mimic the functional changes that occur during in vivo gamete's interaction (Graham and Moce, 2005).
The Fijian delegation included the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs permanent secretary Mr Savenaca Kaunisela, Permanent Secretary i-Taukei Affairs, Mr Peni Cavuilagi, Director Culture and Heritage, Ms Maraia Vakasilimiratu, Senior Heritage Officer and Ms Miliakere Moce of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Ministry has identified Moce Cricket Club and Ono- I- Lau Cricket club to receive this sports ground development assistance.
The Iloilovatu sailed yesterday for Northern Lau (Vanuabalavu and Cicia) and Upper Southern Lau ( Lakeba, Oneata, Moce, Komo, Namuka-i-Lau and Vanua Vata ) and will return to Suva on April 25th.
The Missouri Office of Homeland Security and the Missouri Center for Education Safety (MOCES) use SafePlans' ERIP system, which has been branded for the State of Missouri as "Missouri 1Plan," to provide emergency planning and related preparedness services and emergency plan mobile app free to all Missouri K-12 schools.