MOCITMinistry of Communications & Information Technology
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-Designed office floor plans and provided furniture and computer equipment for the Resource Center on the 15th floor of the MoCIT building.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS : Conducted advanced seminar on administrative processes, Quality of Service/Pricing, Digital Television Transition for 15 mid-level officials from Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and MoCIT.
The establishment of the E-Government Resource Center, an ICT center of excellence within MoCIT, will provide a central source of technical expertise, skills, and guidance on the further development and deployment of e-Government solutions throughout the ministries and agencies of the Afghan government.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS : Designed and began the refurbishment of an E-Government Resource Center within the MoCIT premises.
The progress made by Azerpost and the Ministry oi Communications and High Technologies (MOCIT) [beaucoup moins que]vith implementation of the Azerpost Component of the FSMP has been satisfactory.
Ethiopian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) is contriving to invest in the latest 3G LTE (long-term evolution) telecommunications networking technology.
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