MOCNMerseyside Open College Network (UK)
MOCNMulti-Operator Core Network (Mobile Telecommunications)
MOCNMetal-Organic Coordination Network (chemistry)
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Figure 4 shows the proposed LTE MOCN sharing architecture, illustrated with the deployment of two different telcos.
In LTE MOCN, BBUs are shared by two or more telcos.
Our main contribution has been focused on extending LENA to provide MOCN capabilities and to validate it in virtual infrastructures.
The different extensions made through the code to achieve the MOCN implementation can be summarized as follows:
This section describes the empirical analysis carried out over the proposed and prototype LTE MOCN sharing architecture to analyze the impact of virtualization on the performance of LTE MOCN.
Computer A (and its VM A associated) is used to emulate the entire MOCN LTE architecture.
We have used three network saturation levels to analyze the behavior of the proposed MOCN architecture at different levels of saturation.
The overhead in the average of the performance associated with the execution of the MOCN LTE infrastructure in VMs could be set up in almost all the 576 scenarios analyzed close to 10%.
This paper has provided the first open-source design and implementation of an LTE architecture with MOCN infrastructure sharing capabilities and has validated its feasibility in virtual infrastructures.
The porting of these MOCN capabilities to the open-source software OpenAirInterface would be another future step to allow implementations with hardware air interfaces.