MOCOMMobile Communication
MOCOMMutual Aid and Operations Common Channel
MOCOMMobility Command (US Army; predecesor to TACOM, 1962-1967)
MOCOMMulti Objective Complex Evolution Algorithm
MOCOMMeasure of Consumption Object Meaning (Kleine and Kernan)
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Because the aircraft-carrying vehicle may deviate from its planned path due to the aircraft motion in turbulence, motion compensation (MOCOM) is required using the trajectory data measured by the global positioning system (GPS) and inertia measurement unit (IMU).
The MOCOM method used in this letter for the cross-track error is a simple phase subtraction corresponding to the deviation [DELTA]r([t.sub.u]) at each slow-time [t.sub.u].
A similar method was introduced to reduce the computation time for the conventional broadside mode polar format algorithm (PFA) without MOCOM [29].
In the first simulation, ideal MOCOM using the real position of the aircraft (no sensor error) was conducted to prove the efficiency of the proposed method.
In the third simulation, we assumed a long range SAR imaging of an SC and MOCOM was conducted using the measured sensor trajectory.