MOCRMission Operations Control Room
MOCRMoores Creek National Battlefield (US National Park Service)
MOCRMcCormick Office of Corporate Relations (Northwestern University; Illinois)
MOCRMission Office Control Room
MOCRMedial Olivocochlear Reflex
MOCRMission Operations Change Request (US NASA)
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The average age of those inside MOCR was just 26, and as Gerry Griffin, the flight director during Apollo 11's fraught re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, has pointed out, their youth counted in their favour.
Houston and Heflin accomplish exactly what they set out to do: provide background stories of MOCR operators during NASA's heyday.
Since the hardness values are identical in the symmetrical points as against OZ axis, we will consider only the process functions for points [a.sub.O], b and c and [a.sub.s2] and [c.sub.s], defined also as indices for the two research materials, OLC 45--index "OLC", and 42 MoCr 11- index "MoCr", as follows:
Checks must be printed on an 8-1/2 x 11" long grain sheet, 3 checks to a page on white 24# MOCR, special security printing.
4.1 Coordinate with MOCR and community leaders/representatives to identify needs in their respective communities.
28# Conservator MOCR Bond FF Toner Fuse TA4 OR EQUAL (see NOTE in Item F.):
Business Card Reader for Windows Phone is based on ABBYY s powerful Mobile Optical Character Recognition (MOCR) technology and provides high accuracy for capturing contact information in 21 languages, with up to 3 languages at a time for multilingual cards.
Statement Form: This is an 8 A' x 14 forms, using 24-lb MOCR white