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MOCSMinistry of Civil Service (various locations)
MOCSMeasure of Current Status (patient psychology scale)
MOCSMagic Online Championship Series (gaming)
MOCSMayor's Office of Contract Services (New York, NY)
MOCSManaged Object Conformance Statements (ITU-T M 3000)
MOCSMilitary Occupational Classification and Structure
MOCSMicrosoft Official Curriculum Seminar
MOCSMultichannel Ocean Color Sensor
MOCSMichael O'Neal Chamber Singers (Roswell, Georgia)
MOCSMacPhail Operant Chambers
MOCSMissile Operational Communications Systems
MOCSMinistry of Cynical Supposition (satirical blog; Australia)
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His wife, Joanne, found Arrow Moc after searching online for the ring mocs her husband loved as a kid.
"Where can you go where you can make an appointment to see the place, get the joy buzzer effect, which is hilarious, walk around and get that leather smell, find a belt or something you can walk away with, order the mocs, and then meet someone who has been making them since he was a kid?'' asks Sawyer.
The team that would execute the CNOs development, training and education initiative was the Navy MOC Training Team (MTT).
reserve detachments, etc.); sharing current and relevant effective practices; support the MOC training continuum; and improving Navy doctrine and practices.
Guy Faget took command as MOC. Less of an administrator and more of a bench scientist than his predecessors, Faget brought Carville into a new era of therapeutic experimentation.
[I]f he does not conscientiously follow medical advice and avoid conduct detrimental to his physical condition, he is obstructing his progress towards improvement." Indeed, the MOC cautioned, "'The surly bird catches the germ.'" Thus, without imposing any hard and fast rules, Faget expressed a new desire to regiment the sleeping patterns, recreation, and meal consumption of patients--all toward the end of arresting their disease in "the modern leprosarium." (33)
A MOC consists of organizational elements that share information and knowledge in support of the planning, execution and assessment stages of operations as required by the MHQ commander.
"We are stressing the processes between the MOC and the AOC and looking at joint maritime fires, and we are looking at the processes and tools.
As the need to operate more efficiently and effectively in the joint arena becomes increasingly important, the MHQ with MOC construct requires Navy commands to become more cross-functional, allows them to streamline information flows and leverage organizational knowledge to speed and improve operational decisions.
Walking around the aircraft to make sure all is clear and no one is working or doing maintenance near the M230 gun before MOC gun cheeks is the smart thing to do.