MOCTMinistry of Construction and Transportation (South Korea)
MOCTMinistry of Communications and Technology (Syria)
MOCTMinistry of Communication and Transport (Tanzania)
MOCTMean Overhaul Cycle Time
MOCTMobile Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry
MOCTMinistry of Construction and Technology (South Korea)
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MoCT Senior Joint Secretary (Textile Division) Masood-ul-Hassan Qureshi and SMEDA General Manager (Outreach) Javed Khattak signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organisations.
A spokesman said here that according to the agreement, SMEDA has been declared the executing agency for Phase-I of the Project, whereas, the MoCT Textile Division is the sponsoring ministry for the project.
[17] MOCT, Standard Specification for Structural Concrete, Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Sejong City, Republic of Korea, 2003, in Korean.
The aim of this article is to reflect on MOCT theologically.
Right at the outset, the authors of MOCT clearly formulate the goal they pursue in the document as "the contribution of the Orthodox Church in realizing peace, justice, freedom, fraternity and love between peoples, and in the removal of racial and other discriminations" (Preamble to MOCT).
Mr Burnhope added: "MOCT is one of the largest civil engineering contractors in Russia.
An NGIS law, which was prepared by the MoCT and submitted to the National Congress, is one of the outputs of the committee, and the law is anticipated to support and coordinate GIS-related sensitive issues such as administration, database security, organizational cooperation, auditing, and data distribution (MoCT 1999).
The basic concept of MOCT involves combining two mixers with the proper surrounding circuits so that the leakage signal is canceled while the desired signal is enhanced at the output.
Gezahegn Abate, Public and International Relation Director at MoCT stated that the three month performance is an indication for the possibility to reach the 3 billion US dollars projected aim in the budget year.
Management observation and communication theory (MOCT) (Heiskanen and Swanson, 1992) is an integration of linguistic--mathematical theory (L-M theory) (Heiskanen, 1975; Heiskanen and Airaksinen, 1979) and living systems theory (LST) (Miller, 1978).
This initiative, which will be nationally implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) will also provide inputs for the Tourism Strategy of Turkey-2023, with a focus on diverse tourism activities and emphasis on alternative tourism initiatives.
3- Providing technical support for pre-feasibility, technical plans and preparation of tender dossiers for MoCT s Development of Winter Tourism Corridor in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars project under the RCOP Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance s (IPA) Regional Development component