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MOCVDMetallo Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
MOCVDMetal Oxide Chemical Vapor Deposition
MOCVDMetal-Organic Chemical Vapor Decompression
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[6] Stagg JP, Christer J, Thrush EJ, Crawley J (1992) Measurement and control of reagent concentrations in MOCVD reactor using ultrasonics.
The growth of ultrathin uniform InSb thin epilayers was carried out on 4-inch semi-insulating (SI) GaAs (100) substrates using a low-pressure MOCVD method in vertical configuration by exploiting a high-speed rotating disk (180 mm diameter) reactor [31, 47].
Caption: Tony SpringThorpe, a principal researcher with the Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre in Ottawa, loading an MOCVD reactor with single crystal InP wafers on which will be deposited epitaxial layers of indium phosphide and gallium arsenide-based alloys to form laser structures.
We bought technology from Cambridge University that allows us to have a thinner growth than the rest of the market, so that means less time in the MOCVD, less energy, less chemicals, less heavy metals, and all on 6in wafers rather than 4in or even 2in," he says.
Supported monometallic Pd and Pt catalysts were prepared by either the IMP method or the MOCVD method.
We have designed and grown those Si-doped [Al.sub.0.4][Ga.sub.0.6]N samples by MOCVD. High-resolution X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman spectroscopy are employed to analyze their crystalline structures.
For growing the LED epitaxial structure, the epilayers were on these PSSs and on a conventional sapphire substrate (CSS) employed as the contrast sample by using low-pressure MOCVD. The LED epitaxial structure included a 3 [micro]m thick layer of undoped GaN (u-GaN), a 2 [micro]m thick layer of n-type GaN:Si, 6 periods of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells, a 100 nm thick p-type AlGaN layer, and a 0.2 [micro]m thick p-type GaN:Mg layer.
MOCVD aluminum is used for the metallization of semiconductor devices, the coating of carbon fibers used in composites, and the production of protective coatings for steel.
The research work in this paper plays a foreshadowing role for later research sapphire epitaxial growth and MOCVD reaction chamber structure improvement.
In conclusion, GaN-based green LED structure with InGaN/ GaN MQWs has been grown on Si (111) substrate by MOCVD. InGaN QW was found to decompose at the higher temperature when growing GaN barrier and Mg-doped GaN:Mg layer, which results in heterogeneous indium component in InGaN QW-layer and poor InGaN/GaN interface.
The new pump has been optimised for metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) processes used in LED manufacturing, as well as for compound semiconductor manufacturing using III-V materials in gate stacks.
Lee analyzed, if the LED industry reaches its peak in 2018, the entire market needs about 3,000 units of metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machines.