MODAPModified Apollo Logistics Spacecraft
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Samples of ST-Ericsson's first LTE ModAp products became available in December and the first NovaThor L8580 ModAp platform based on STMicroelectronics' advanced 28nm FD-SOI process was demonstrated on January 7 at CES.
Under the terms of the agreement, ST-Ericsson, at the closing date, will transfer its application processor R&D activity and employees to STMicroelectronics and will then integrate the application processor in ModAp platforms for smartphones and tablets under a license agreement from ST.
The report adds the good thing about the quad-core Exynos ModAP chip is, besides being one of the more powerful Exynos chips, it will allow faster and smoother multitasking capabilities.
"It combines the most advanced technologies available, including STMicroelectronics' innovative 28-nm FDSOI process, to create an unrivalled blend of unsurpassed performance with unequalled power efficiency in an advanced LTE integrated ModAp," said Lamouche.
The ramp of our NovaThor integrated ModAp platforms continued with customers such as Samsung, Sony Mobile Communications and new and existing Asian customers, with new smartphones being brought to the market.
MODIS data used in this work were acquired as part of the NASA's Earth-Sun System Division and archived and distributed by the MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS) (
The data, processed by the MOD1S Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS) and Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC), are archived and distributed by the Goddard DAAC.